Above: The design of a poster advertising the new version of NeuRem (Neurological Regenerative Medication) that helps mitigate the negative effects that stem from smartphone use in a hypothetical future.
Above: The branding and stationery I created for the hypothetical law firm Noble and Wheeler, who specialise in class action lawsuits against large tech companies for the damages caused. 
Above: A selection of the visual artefacts I designed for the project (left to right: Regulated smartphone packaging, TeDD informational pamphlet for parents, mandatory phone limitation UI design).
Above Left: The fictitious press release that I displayed alongside the NeuRem V2.0 poster at my degree show. This document explained the project in more detail for those interested, while avoiding the 1500 word wall of text that was the original short story.
Above Right: The short story I wrote for the project. This was the source of inspiration for most of my visual outcomes; it set up the hypothetical world which I aimed to create. 
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